Agonia României

selecție text de Valentin-Nicolae BERCĂ


„There have recently been disquieting sings of a possible divergence of policy between ourselves and the Russians in regard to the Balkan countries and in particular towards Greece. We therefore suggested to the Soviet Ambassador here that we should agree between ourselves as a practical matter that the Soviet Government would take the lead in Romanian affairs, while we would take the lead in Greek affairs, each Government giving the other help in the respective countries. Such an arrangement would be a natural development of the existing military situation since Romania falls within the sphere of the Russian armies and Greece within the Allied command under General Wilson in the Mediterranean.

The Soviet Ambassador here told Eden on May 18th that the Soviet Government agreed with this suggestion but before giving any final assurance in the matter they would like to know whether we had consulted the United States Government and whether the latter had also agreed to this arrangement. 

I hope you may feel able to give this proposal your blessing. We do not of course wish to carve up the Balkans into spheres of influence and in agreeing to the arrangement we should make it clear that it applied only to war conditions and did not affect the rights and responsibilities which each of the three great powers will have to exercise at the peace settlement and afterwards in regard to the whole of Europe. The arrangement would, of course, involve no change in present collaboration between you and us in the formulation and execution of Allied policy towards these countries. We feel, however, that the arrangement now proposed would be a useful device for preventing any divergence of policy between ourselves and them in the Balkans.

Meanwhile Halifax has been asked to raise this matter with the State Department on the above lines.”

No. 687/ May 31, 1944

Din volumul: Agonia României 1944 – 1948
Dosarele secrete acuză
Autor: Nicolae BACIU
Editura DACIA
Cluj-Napoca, 1990

Dumnezeu să-i odihnească-n pace pe cei căzuţi pe fronturile reîntregirii României Mari,

Valentin-Nicolae Bercă

„România Magnifică” – – un proiect cultural pentru unitatea şi bogăţia spirituală a Românilor de pretutindeni, militând pentru reafirmarea valorilor spiritualităţii poporului român, unit prin limbă, tradiţii şi credinţă creştină, mereu mândru de istoria sa multimilenară  în spaţiul carpato-danubiano-pontic.


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