Quo vadis EUROPA?

selecție text de Valentin-Nicolae BERCĂ

„The prohibition of discrimination and the protection of human rights are important elements of the EU legal order. Nevertheless, discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) persons persists throughout the EU, taking various forms including verbal abuse and physical violence.

Sexual orientation is now recognised in EU law as grounds of discrimination. However, the scope of the provisions dealing with this issue is limited and does not cover social protection, healthcare, education and access to goods and services, leaving LGBTI people particularly vulnerable in these areas.

Moreover, EU competence does not extend to recognition of marital or family status. In this area, national regulations vary, with some Member States offering same-sex couples the right to marry, others allowing alternative forms of registration, and yet others not providing any legal status for same-sex couples. Same-sex couples may or may not have the right to adopt children and to access assisted reproduction. These divergent legal statuses have implications, for instance, for partners from two Member States with different standards who want to formalise/legalise their relationship, or for same-sex couples and their families wishing to move to another Member State.

Combating discrimination has become part of EU internal and external policies, and the subject of numerous resolutions of the European Parliament. However, action in this area remains problematic when it touches on issues pertaining to areas traditionally reserved to Member States, such as marital status and family law.”

EPRS – European Parliamentary Research Service

May 2019

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Quo vadis EUROPA?

Valentin-Nicolae Bercă

„România Magnifică” – http://www.romaniamagnifica.ro – un proiect cultural pentru unitatea şi bogăţia spirituală a Românilor de pretutindeni, militând pentru reafirmarea valorilor spiritualităţii poporului român, unit prin limbă, tradiţii şi credinţă creştină, mereu mândru de istoria sa multimilenară  în spaţiul carpato-danubiano-pontic.


La mulţi ani, celor ce poartă numele Sfinţilor Împăraţi Constantin şi Elena!

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