Innovative library services


biblioteca Rohia_foto_Livia Grigor

de Lola Maria PETRESCU şi Georgeta TOPAN
Biblioteca Judeţeană „Octavian Goga” Cluj

As resulting from the works studied and used for this article, the worldwide libraries are in a constant move, renewal and modernization, generated by the internal, but especially by the external challenges of the institution. The issues of the library specialists are the same all over the world, all of them being interested in expanding and diversifying innovative and quality, user-oriented library services, but with different opinions when it comes to using a commercial strategy to ensure user loyalty. The users’ involvement in providing library services in an organization willing to try new things, the library as „the third place”, the hybrid library – which offers both traditional and Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and later on Web 3.0 and Web 4.0, determines the adoption of the participatory library model and of other new models for the libraries of the future.
Keywords: library, hybrid, modernization, innovative services, users.
Motto: „The library of the future requires vision, technologies, services, but most of all it needs the creativity of the people” (Phyllis B. Spies).

Libraries in Romania, like other libraries in European Union and worldwide, are in a continuous process of change and modernization, generated both by the overall process of globalization, and especially by the challenges and the opportunities offered by the information society.

More than ever, libraries along with other cultural institutions were involved, as they were supposed to be, provided the basic material of the „third wave”, which offers the advantage of being inexhaustible, is the information, that is found primarily in libraries, its millennial depositary and manager.

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