The Metamorphoses of the soteriological archetype


de lect. univ. dr. Vasile CHIRA
Facultatea de Teologie „Andrei Şaguna” Sibiu

Vasile ChiraIn 1909 Jung was invited together with Freud to give a series of lectures at the Clark University of Worcester, Massachusetts. He told the father of psychoanalysis about one of his strange dreams, dream of whose interpretation and, obviously, assumption led at length to the split between the younger Jung and Sigmund Freud. Jung had dreamed that he was living on the top level of an old, but elegantly decorated house. Amazed by the fact that he is the owner of such a house, he comes down to examine the ground floor. Here, the things look even older. Then, casting a look at the floor, he discovers a hook in one of the stone slabs. Giving it a pull, the slabs rises, and some stone stairs show before his eyes, leading the way to the depths. Climbing down those steps, he enters a cave dug in the rock. Down, in the dust, he sees bones and potsherd and, among them, two human skulls half disintegrated by the weather[1]. Citește restul acestei intrări »