Get spooked in the Transylvanian Alps


selecție text de Valentin-Nicolae BERCĂ

Romania’s twisting, mile-high Transfăgărășan Road traces a north-south route between the country’s two highest peaks. Vlad the Impaler, the prince who inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula, is perhaps the region’s greatest claim to fame, and tourists can stop at the ruins of 700-year-old Poenari Castle after a scenic drive past the Arges River, the crescent-shaped rim of Vidraru Dam, and the emerald Vidraru Lake. Stop off at the 20-story Bâlea Waterfall to catch a red cable car up to Bâlea Lake, with two year-round chalets and anice hotel built from scratch each winter. Citește restul acestei intrări »